CVP shipping terms & conditions (updated 6-4-2020)

Before the formal part of these terms, it must be clarified that these terms were solely created for the clarification of the rights and responsibilities of CVP and buyers. This label is a DIY and not-for-profit project, hence leniency is to be expected.

By placing an order, the buyer agrees to the following terms, and the label, Consistentis Veritatis Peremptoria (CVP), is bound to its commitments.

Order registration and cancellation

Buyer places an order through selecting goods from the store section and following the checkout procedure. At any stage in the ordering process prior to packaging, the order may be adjusted or cancelled by either the buyer or CVP for any valid reason.

Payment, packaging and shipping

CVP works with invoices. The buyer may choose whether invoices be handled via Paypal or bank transfer. The buyer notifies CVP of the preferred method through using the comment section of the checkout fields. When the payment is received by CVP, the order will be packed and made ready for shipping. CVP will always ship orders as quickly as possible. In most cases, orders will be shipped in the weekend after packaging, although CVP maintains the right to deviate from this shipping time. CVP is not responsible for any delays in delivery caused by mail delivery services. As all orders will be sent via tracked shipping; the buyer may always request the track&trace code.

Shipping methods & shipping costs

As stated above, all shipping is via tracked mail. As of 2020, the only allowed shipping method is via package mail. CVP works with fixed shipping tariffs*, as it covers the costs of shipping in nearly all cases. Might actual shipping rates be higher, then this will be due to a relatively large order. In that case, the differences in shipping costs will not be charged to the buyer.

*The only exception to this is shipping within The Netherlands. Here, buyer has the option to choose between two tariffs: low tariff for any orders up to 9 cassettes or equal volume in CDs, or high tariff for any order including LPs or orders of 10 cassettes/equal volume in CDs or more.

Refunds & replacements

(Partial) refunds or replacements (when relevant) are only possible if 1) the order was cancelled before packaging when funds were received from the buyer; 2) CVP fails to prove that the shipment was sent to the buyer; 3) when items malfunction. CVP is not responsible for the correctness of the shipping address provided by the buyer. If extra costs occur due to an inaccurate shipping address as provided by the buyer, these costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

Misuse and ban

Any misuse of these terms may result in a ban, to which the buyer may or may not be notified. The buyer will then not be allowed to order at CVP anymore. This also goes for ‘record flipping’ (asking insanely high prices through reselling) when found out. Any further emails sent by the buyer will in these cases be ignored.

Exceptions to the shipping terms

Exceptions to these shipping terms rest either on the goodwill of CVP or an individual assessment of a given case where these exceptions might apply. Exceptions to standard procedures may include tape trades, gifts, et cetera. These kind of engagements rest fully on individual assessment as accepted by CVP and the buyer. 

Last but certainly not least: thanks for your support!