Due to many requests, a note on the relatively high shipping prices of The Netherlands below.

As of 2020, the following shipping tariffs apply (precise tariff zones can be found via https://www.postnl.nl/en/mail-and-parcels/parcels/tariff-zones/):

The Netherlands, up to 9 cassettes or CD in equal volume: 4,50 EURO

The Netherlands, 9 cassettes or more: 6,95 EURO

Tariff zone EUR1: 13,00 EURO

Tariff zone EUR2: 18,50 EURO

International / outside of EU: 29,30 EURO

You’ll immediately note that international shipping is incredibly high: this is due to a COVID fee on all international shipments. Yet also, EU tariffs are quite high. This is due to the fact that the Dutch postal services decided early 2020 that ‘goods’ (anything other than paperwork) should all be sent via parcel shipping, understandably increasing shipping prices a lot. Also, all shipments are sent registered, because (1) quite some unregistered packages got lost in the mail (about 10%), and (2), there will always be a way in which I can be made responsible for the risk people themselves took by using cheap unregistered shipping options (this kind of stuff has happened in the past unfortunately), and there is no way of tracing back the initial package, obviously. Registered shipping is costly, but it will save the costs of having to pay for shipping an entire order twice, either by people themselves or me when some individuals cannot handle the fact that they’re taking a risk.

Is there an alternative shipping method besides the channels currently being used? Simple answer: no, there isn’t. This label is not some company which has the volumes allowing for shipping deals with commercial parties. It’s a not-for-profit, labour of love kind of hobbything with only a handful of people actually taking the effort of supporting it (who are greatly appreciated by the way!). Hence I have to use the same old post office that any other person must. It is the way it is.

I try to trade as much as I can to have other labels stock releases so that people outside of Europe / in EUR2-countries can order the music at a reasonable price too. Also, combining orders with friends etc is encouraged if that means it will be easier for you to order.

All in all, the shipping prices are a result of the situation I’m in, and it’s outside of my direct influence. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused, but I hope you can understand it.